Color Me Carolina is proud to carry Flavor Infused Pizootz Premium Virginia Artisan Peanuts. PIZOOTZ peanuts were invented by Dr. Alfred P. Pizootz, boy genius, rocket science wonder, and peanut pioneer! 

All natural, no artificial flavors or colors, no gmo's, no preservatives or trans fats, no msg and gluten free.

Best of all, a portion of all sales is donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and its dedication to achieving a world free of MS. As someone with MS, Color Me Carolina's owner Paige, is thrilled to carry the Pizootz product.

Pick up one of these fun flavors: Sea Salt, Bay Spice, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Inferno or Blazing Buffalo! Ask us to make a fun snack gift basket for your next event!