Toy Shoppe at Color Me Carolina

Need a birthday gift, have grand kids visiting or want to send a care package? Color Me Carolina has unique and fun books, games and kid's apparel to choose from!


Games make great gifts and are fun to have at your house when the grand kids visit. We love these games because they all travel well, are easy to learn, and are fun for a wide range of ages. Each are perfect to pull out any time waiting is involved!

Not It! is a fun dice and card game involving wizards, princesses, knights and dragons where the object is to get rid of your cards first.

Tenzi is a dice matching game where you win by being the first to roll all the same number. It is fast and fun! We recommend getting the accompanying 77 ways to play to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Slapzi by the makers of Tenzi is a fast-paced card matching game. Children do need to be old enough to read. Great gift for teachers as well!



We have a wonderful selection of children's books including the classic Golden Books and beautiful picture books. Mad Libs are another fun activity for visiting grand kids or to send to them in a care package. (Shhh don't tell them how they will will learn all about the parts of speech like nouns and adjectives!) Good Night books are a fun way for toddlers to learn about their world, favorite things and places they may visit.


Few things are as fun as a Del Sol t-shirt! Kids are amazed when they watch these fun shirts change color in the sun!



Need something a bit more active? We have Oak Island Frisbees and these Waboba balls that bounce on water are fun for the pool or beach!



In addition to our beautiful books we also have adorable Noah's Ark rattles that are perfect for your visiting infant or baby shower gift.

We hope to see you and your visiting little ones at our store! While you are in... might as well pick up some candy at our Snack Shack!